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Over a decade of taking products from "rails new" to revenue and beyond

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My passion is building elegant, well tested software that solves tough business problems. Whether you're an early stage company looking to build a proof of concept or rapidly growing and need someone who can make meaningful contributions right away, I can help. Areas of expertise include E-Commerce, cybersecurity, retail, health/wellness, and food service. As a seasoned engineer and leader in startups of various sizes, I excel at delivering robust and intuitive solutions on schedule and under budget.

Tech Stack:
Ruby on Rails

Notable past projects:
- Highly integrated software suite (server, desktop and mobile app) for retail hardware stores including point of sale, inventory, accounting and service scheduling.
- Online health and wellness service including meal ordering, delivery scheduling, menu rotation, and wellness coaching.
- Industry leading email threat detection and response platform including threat signature scanning, clustering, and integration with third party analysis and reporting systems.
- E-Commerce platform for publicly traded auto manufacturer which extracted part data from multiple ERP systems across several product lines and made them available for sale online.