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Experienced Full Stack Developer with Expertise in Ruby on Rails, Delivering Scalable and High-Performing Web Solutions

🚀 Unveiling My Developer Journey 🚀 Greetings! I'm Bruno Leite, a seasoned Full Stack Developer with a passion for crafting elegant and efficient web solutions. My journey into the world of development started with a fascination for technology and a curiosity to explore its limitless possibilities. 🏆 Milestones That Define Me One recent milestone I'm particularly proud of is my role in optimizing the performance of a complex web application, reducing page load times from 8 seconds to a mere half-second. This accomplishment demonstrated my expertise in identifying and solving intricate problems, a testament to my commitment to delivering top-notch user experiences. 📚 Eternal Student of Tech I'm a firm believer in lifelong learning. In addition to my extensive experience, I've recently delved into the world of microservices and domain-driven design, aiming to build even more scalable and maintainable systems. The excitement of exploring new technologies keeps me driven and passionate about my work. 💡 Passion Beyond Code While I thrive in the technical realm, my true passion lies in the intersection of technology and human experience. I'm deeply committed to creating web applications that not only function flawlessly but also resonate with users on a personal level. My focus on user-centric design sets me apart in crafting solutions that go beyond the ordinary. 💪 Unique Skills That Define Me What sets me apart is my ability to dissect complex requirements into manageable components, making development more efficient. I'm well-versed in SOLID principles, DDD, and TDD, ensuring that quality is at the core of every project I tackle. 🌟 Ready to Elevate Your Web Experience I'm here to take your projects to new heights. Whether it's optimizing performance, designing intuitive user interfaces, or architecting robust backend systems, I'm equipped with the skills and dedication to turn your vision into reality. Let's create something exceptional together!

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I am a skilled and experienced full-stack developer with expertise in Ruby on Rails, DevOps tools, and a talent for translating people's ideas into successful coding projects.

I have been working in the IT industry for over 16 years. My interest in computing started when I discovered that video games were essentially made up of text. I wanted to create my own video games, and that's what led me to the IT field. I started by learning about computer hardware and went on to complete a training course as an IT maintenance technician. I continued to develop my skills as a self-taught developer. Since 2013, I have been working as a system engineer with a development background. I have experience developing applications in Ruby and PHP, and consider myself a full-stack developer. I also have knowledge of various frontend frameworks. Since discovering Ruby on Rails, my skills as a developer have grown exponentially. I have completed numerous online courses on Ruby and Ruby on Rails, like Rails for Zombies by Gregg Pollack and many screencasts such as Rails Casts by Ryan Bates. Also, I have expertise in several DevOps tools such as Jenkins, Gitlab, Docker, and Ansible. I recently worked on two projects. One was a Rails application that used Hotwire and Turbo Frame with modals to interact with an Active Directory. This application allowed for tasks such as creating users, verifying last access dates, resetting passwords, etc. My other project is currently in progress and involves provisioning VMs on a vCloud environment using Gitlab pipelines also using Rails. I possess the ability to understand and translate people's ideas into code. I am able to help them choose the right options and make the best decisions for their projects.

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Full stack web developer, with a background of aircraft maintenance engineering

I am an extremely motivated individual, who has always been passionate about engineering. Hence, I found the courage to move by myself from Barcelona, Spain, to the UK in 2013, to seek further career development working at the upper end of the aviation industry. As a person always interested in IT, Tech news and PC hardware, I’ve developed a natural skill with computers. As an example, I was able to set up a Lan network for my office back in 2008 on Windows XP, with 7 computers in 4 different locations and 2 different office addresses. Good old XP! Therefore, in the last 2 years my focus on coding has become increasingly stronger, to the point that I decided to embark on a career change and attend a bootcamp at Le Wagon. During the course, I worked with a fantastic team of individuals, learning Ruby, JavaScript and Ruby on rails as an example, shipping to production 2 projects collaborating in a team of 4. This last project where I had the pleasure to collaborate on is Shrine. We found than grieving is hard, and in a technological world the we live in now days, people wants to get together to mourn our loved ones, but sometimes is hard to find a common place where share our memories. As part of our last project in my bootcamp at Le Wagon, we build Shrine from scratch and shipped to production using Ruby on Rails. On a collaborative team of 4 members, I learn the good practices of version control. Using a framework like Rails, I've learned how to use MVC architecture, by creating models, routes, controllers and views. Thanks a Rails ActiveRecords, we kept a solid N:N database on postgreSQL and I consolidated concepts of migrations, columns their values, defaults and validations. As soft skills, the importance of communication, getting together at the end of the day to discuss progress, pull request revisions, and planning the next goals and tickets.

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