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Curious and driven new graduate from Le Wagon Montreal. I am eager to learn in real world settings!

I started learning code in late 2022 and it quickly became clear that this was the path I wanted to follow, so I decided to completely commit to it and make a drastic career switch. I joined a bootcamp here in Montreal, Le Wagon, where I had a wonderful experience! I come from an artistic background. I am a composer, and worked the past 10 years in the tattoo industry to make a living. At Le Wagon I learned how to build Rails apps as a full-stack developer, working in teams within the agile methodology. I also learned JavaScript, bootstrap, worked with Webpack, and PostgreSQL, amongst other things. I very much enjoyed designing schemes for databases and working on the back-end. At the end of the final sprint each of the team members chose a feature to add to our final app, something we could work on by ourselves; I chose to build a chat room from start to finish. Even though I did finish in time for demo day, I kept on fine tuning and debugging it after the bootcamp was done. It was a super fun and awesome challenge to tackle by myself! Now I am looking for a position that will allow me to grow as a developer in the real world. I want nothing more than to gain experience and learn from those who are further along this path. I feel very passionate about being part of a team, I love collaborating. I think creatively and love brainstorming ideas with others. I can bring very good insights to a team. I have great communication skills and my curiosity always leads me to continue learning. My interests are varied, and I dive deep into a subject when I am curious about it, be it within tech, science, music, art, psychology, cats, houseplants, you name it! If you want someone who can connect with a varied group of people and have interesting conversations, I am your gal!

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Product minded fullstack Rails developer who loves tests

High response rate

My experience at a startup has allowed me to gain a deep understanding of Rails 7, Hotwire, Stimulus, and ViewComponents while working across the stack to build new features. I'm also keenly aware of the business considerations that go into the process of writing software. This hands-on experience has given me a solid foundation and an ability to tackle complex challenges with confidence. Some other technologies I'm familiar with include Github Actions and Meilisearch. I've also used Go, Typescript React, ReactQuery, Redux and RTK for hobby and toy projects. For project management, I am familiar with tooling like Figma, Trello, Linear and Github. I also have a strong foundation in git workflow. On a previous project, I implemented an architectural change that reduced our application error rates by ~63%, and was responsible for building our test suite from scratch to ~92% coverage. One of my strengths is being product minded and asking questions about features. I'm also very capable of translating mocks into a usable application and delivering features to spec with Hotwire. I'm an excellent communicator and have a very collaborative approach to projects and solving technical problems. I love writing tests. I have also taken the initiative to learn and grow independently at every opportunity. My origin story as a developer is through The Odin Project, and demonstrates my resourcefulness, adaptability, and drive to continuously improve. By actively contributing back to The Odin Project's curriculum and community, I have been able to learn new skills and also grow my mentorship and communication skills. I've also actively contributed to Ruby for Good projects. When I'm not coding, I immerse myself in analog photography and music. I love the creative freedom in both art forms. I am eager to bring my unique blend of skills and experiences to a dynamic team, contributing to the success of your organization while constantly pushing the boundaries of my own growth. I've been a professional for just a short while, but I feel that I have a very good understanding of my areas of strengths and my areas of weakness. I am seeking something with more long term stability and hope to find a spot at an established company.

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Ruby on Rails Developer

Languages / Frameworks: Ruby, JavaScript, Ruby on Rails, ActiveRecord, SQL, RSpec, Capybara, JSON, GraphQL, HTML, CSS, PostgreSQL, TailwindCSS, Sidekiq, Redis, GraphQL Systems / Practices: OOP, SOA Architecture, Heroku, Render, TDD, CI/CD with GitHub Actions, GitHub, Object-Oriented Programming, Building and Consuming REST APIs, MVC Architecture, CRUD Functionality, Postman As a software developer, I plan on pursuing an opportunity to help others in an alternative way while still allowing me to approach it with the compassion and passion I had while working with kids and helping them grow to be the best version of themselves. I spent the last eight years in the field of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) where I was given the opportunity to help teach children with behavioral health needs or with developmental delays. It was a great experience being able to problem solve in the moment and help teach the kids alternative ways to communicate their wants and needs and see their growth in communication with the work we did together. Opportunities within the field that led to growth meant moving into different positions and spending less time with the kids and those opportunities weren't for me in the end. I decided if I was going to take a step away from working with kids I wanted to do something I could be equally as passionate about while still being able to help others continue to learn and grow. I'm a backend engineer who values compassion, creativity, and helping to create inclusive environments where everyone is seen and heard. I thrive on seeing others succeed and grow to become the best version of themselves. Feel free to message me here or email!

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