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Curious and driven new graduate from Le Wagon Montreal. I am eager to learn in real world settings!

I started learning code in late 2022 and it quickly became clear that this was the path I wanted to follow, so I decided to completely commit to it and make a drastic career switch. I joined a bootcamp here in Montreal, Le Wagon, where I had a wonderful experience! I come from an artistic background. I am a composer, and worked the past 10 years in the tattoo industry to make a living. At Le Wagon I learned how to build Rails apps as a full-stack developer, working in teams within the agile methodology. I also learned JavaScript, bootstrap, worked with Webpack, and PostgreSQL, amongst other things. I very much enjoyed designing schemes for databases and working on the back-end. At the end of the final sprint each of the team members chose a feature to add to our final app, something we could work on by ourselves; I chose to build a chat room from start to finish. Even though I did finish in time for demo day, I kept on fine tuning and debugging it after the bootcamp was done. It was a super fun and awesome challenge to tackle by myself! Now I am looking for a position that will allow me to grow as a developer in the real world. I want nothing more than to gain experience and learn from those who are further along this path. I feel very passionate about being part of a team, I love collaborating. I think creatively and love brainstorming ideas with others. I can bring very good insights to a team. I have great communication skills and my curiosity always leads me to continue learning. My interests are varied, and I dive deep into a subject when I am curious about it, be it within tech, science, music, art, psychology, cats, houseplants, you name it! If you want someone who can connect with a varied group of people and have interesting conversations, I am your gal!

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Multilingual Engineer | Stoic Philosopher | Junior Full Stack Engineer | Ruby | JavaScript | SQL | HTML | CSS | Father & Husband

• Profile: Multilingual double master's degree engineer (industrial engineering and computer science) with 10+ years of diverse experience in fields that vary from manufacturing, pharma, e-commerce and education. • Expertise: Team Leading, Communication, Research, Web Development, Computational Finance, Lean and Kaizen tools, Agile Methodologies • Education: BSc in Engineering Management, MSc in Industrial engineering and management with specialization in innovation engineering, MSc in Computer Science with specialization in Computational finance, self-taught full stack engineer • Who am I: I love to code. The sleuthwork of identifying the source of a bug (especially when the error message is less than helpful). The stoicism-like state of refactoring tests in a massive codebase. The excitement of implementing a long-anticipated feature. The consistent vacillation between questioning and understanding.I also getting knowledge and experience working in Ruby, Rails, Node.js, React and Javascript. • People ask me what I do. Here's the list: 1. Software Developer who knows Javascript, Ruby, Rails, CSS, HTML, SQL 2. Philosopher-like Engineer 3. Mentor from manufacturing and education industry 4. Mentoring Youth Handball players(Pivots and Left Backs) 5. Judoka / BJJ - in - Training (Recovery from the TCL injury) 6. Wine enthusiast (Sommelier) 7. Bookworm 8. Father & Husband • That wraps up the career and hobbies. I had a 10-year career before I start to code and become self taught full stack developer and revamped my lifestyle. I'm the kind of guy who focuses on many pursuits at once, but really dives deep into all of them. • Tech stack: •Ruby • Rails • Python • JavaScript • HTML5 • CSS3 • SQL • PostgreSQL • jQuery • TDD • Git

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