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15+ years, Product focused, Startup-ex-CTO, SaaS, Full-stack, Rails, React, ReactNative, API (REST & GraphQL)

Hi, I am Ram. Product focused, Designer & Builder @ SaaS * Product * API * Mobile apps * DevOps * Security "Experience, grit and dedication of a co-founder, at the cost of a contractor" Hands-on Tech-stack Backend (Ruby, Ruby on Rails, next.js) Frontend (ReactJS, TypeScript, Javascript) Mobile apps (React Native, Flutter, Publishing iOS & Android) API (REST & GraphQL) Databases (PostgreSQL, RDBMS, noSQL DB, graph DB) UI, UX (Design: Figma, XD, Javascript, HTML5, CSS3, CSS frameworks) Gaming & 3D (Phaser, Three.js, GoDot, chess.js, chessboardjs, D3.js) DevOps (CI, CD, ansible, docker, kubernetes) CyberSecurity (App security, APIs, SOC, HIPAA, ISO, GDPR) Skilling up Dart, Flutter kubernetes, containerd, docker Web3, Blockchain, Ethers.js, web3.js, solidity, Ethereum Experienced in Agile Development Methodology (SCRUM) SaaS, PaaS & products, APIs (REST & GraphQL) User Experience (UX) and UI design for any device Cyber-Security, Vulnerability Assessment (VA), Penetration Testing (PT) Compliances like SOC, HIPAA, ISO, GDPR Product & Team Management Building and scaling SaaS and products Product design, development and management Hiring, Leading and managing teams OKRs and KPIs Mentoring and up-skilling the team Driven by Ethics, honesty and diligence Customer success Excellence and quality I overlap the team timezone, remotely from India. Thank you. https://bit.ly/ramonrails-in

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Senior Software Engineer | Ruby On Rails | Golang | Fullstack Developer | Devops

I'm an accomplished software engineer with an expansive background spanning over eight years, dedicated to devising innovative solutions that enrich people's lives. My expertise revolves around optimizing processes, amplifying efficiency, and untangling complex problems within web development, focusing on Ruby on Rails, GoLang, Next.js, and JavaScript. My journey in software development has empowered me to shepherd intricate projects from conception to realization. Proficient in technologies such as Kubernetes, AWS, and Docker, I specialize in crafting and deploying scalable solutions, leveraging a robust foundation in software development. My project portfolio spans diverse sectors, including healthcare, ecommerce, fleet and car rental management, telecom, oil & propane, and insurance. This breadth of experience has honed my adaptability, enabling me to excel in diverse project landscapes. Presently, I'm immersed in backend engineering for a dynamic fleet management system. My toolkit encompasses languages like Ruby, Golang, and Next.js, enabling me to engineer seamless user experiences. Driven by an insatiable thirst for knowledge, I relentlessly seek avenues to expand my skill set and remain abreast of cutting-edge technologies. My goal is to channel my expertise into effecting tangible and positive changes in the world. Skills: Proficient in Ruby on Rails, Go, SQL, NoSQL, Redis, RabbitMQ, and well-versed in front-end technologies including HTML, CSS, React, and Next.js.

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Full-stack developer eager to contribute in a commercial setting.

I am a dynamic and determined full-stack developer who embarked on a transformative journey to pursue my passion for technology. Formerly a tax advisor trainee, I took a bold leap to enrol in the intensive Le Wagon full-time 2-month web development bootcamp. This pivotal decision allowed me to transition into the world of web development and unleashed my creativity and problem-solving skills. My fascination with technology extends beyond coding. I possess hands-on experience in planning and building high-end desktop computers, showcasing my comprehensive understanding of both hardware and software aspects. This technical foundation has proved invaluable in my journey towards becoming a well-rounded full-stack developer. Throughout the bootcamp, I actively participated in the development of multiple web applications, collaborating within a team environment. Using Ruby on Rails, I engaged in every stage of the development process, from conceptualization to deployment. My proficiency spans both front-end and back-end development. On the front end, I enjoy crafting user-friendly web pages using HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, JavaScript, and Ajax. Meanwhile, on the back end, I use Ruby to implement CRUD operations and search functionality, ensuring seamless user experiences. I am eager to bring my skills and passion for development to a promising team, contributing to impactful projects and furthering my knowledge. Currently, I am expanding my skill set by delving into React.js, aiming to enhance my capabilities and stay at the forefront of web development trends. I am excited about the prospect of contributing to innovative projects and gaining valuable commercial experience with a forward-thinking team.

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