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Rails Developer with 8 Years of experience | Experienced in Performance optimizations and AI integration

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As a seasoned freelance software developer, I bring extensive expertise in Ruby on Rails, React, JavaScript, TypeScript, and GraphQL. I have successfully delivered numerous projects, ranging from MVPs to complex systems serving millions of users. My specialization includes performance tuning, AI integrations, and product leadership. Known for being self-driven and easy to manage, I excel in hands-on coding and product ownership. Skills: Ruby on Rails Postgresql React TypeScript JavaScript GraphQL Server - Ruby GraphQL Client - Apollo CI/CD (CircleCI, Jenkins) Heroku Experience: Freelance Staff Software Developer (06/2022 - Present) I have done 6 projects so far, Here are the one's I like the most. A website to manage internal links Improved dashboard performance, reducing load time from over 2s to less than 200ms. Fixed memory issues in the sitemap crawler and optimized its speed. Vulnerability compliance management application Implemented advanced GraphQL Ruby backend, optimized performance for a SQL-heavy application, and integrated complex third-party APIs. Customer support AI app Developed a GPT-3.5 based app and Chrome plugin, leveraging OpenAI's capabilities for customer service data summarization. Senior Full Stack Developer at SaaS Company (04/2022 - 04/2023) Reduced page load times, overhauled CMS rendering system, and implemented robust security measures for a platform with over a million users. Software Engineer at Two Different Technology Firms (06/2016 - 04/2022) Developed and maintained applications using Ruby on Rails, React, React Native, and NodeJS. Led teams, conducted code reviews, and implemented CI/CD pipelines. USP Technical Skills: Expert in performance tuning and optimization Extensive experience in AI integrations and LLMs Proficient in developing scalable web applications and APIs Relevant Achievements: Successfully launched over 10 applications with a focus on performance and scalability. Improved SEO scores and user experience through strategic CMS enhancements and performance optimizations. Led cross-functional teams to deliver high-quality software solutions on time and within budget. Solved technically challenging problems like Video/Audio freeze detection, Co-Browsing, Implementing algorithms, etc.

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Rails + Hotwire 🏗️

🌟 Hey there! I'm an experienced software developer with a strong background in Ruby on Rails, Hotwire (including Turbo, Stimulus, and Turbo Native), Jumpstart Pro, APIs, Minitest, Capybara, Postgres, Tailwind, and jQuery. I'm really passionate about crafting high-quality, efficient, and user-friendly applications. 💻 Recently, I had the pleasure of working with inkwire.co, where I developed cross-platform applications using Turbo Native. I optimized high-traffic pages, reducing load times by an impressive 80%. Additionally, I improved database performance through query optimization, task offloading, caching, and refactoring model associations. 📈 I also collaborated with digitalwildcatters.com on a contract basis, where we developed a cross-platform application using Ruby on Rails and Turbo Native (Jumpstart Pro). I implemented intuitive UI/UX designs using Tailwind CSS, ensuring a seamless and visually appealing user experience. 🌈 Prior to these contract roles, I worked with oblsk.com, where I contributed to remarkable projects like plt4m.com. I solved user stories by creating models, writing ORM queries (Sequel), conducting testing (Mini & Capy), and implementing responsive CSS. Another notable project was haymakersforhope.org, where I integrated a Strapi API for a headless CMS and designed a responsive interface using Tailwind. 🏆 In my spare time, I'm dedicated to giving back to the community through organizations like Ruby for Good. I've actively participated in their CASA project, assisting with both small and large issue resolution. Collaborating with like-minded individuals to make a positive impact is truly fulfilling. 🌿 I consider myself on being resilient, resourceful, and emotionally intelligent. I possess strong communication skills and always strive to deliver on time. 🌟 🇺🇸 English - Professional 🇲🇽 Spanish - Native CASA project: https://github.com/rubyforgood/casa Personal blog: https://github.com/dominiclizarraga Resume: https://standardresume.co/r/YcQ-LtWoMGJlQFJz4IvH5

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Principle Full-Stack Rails Engineer with 20 years of experience

There's an inflection point in every startup, where you've got your MVP and some initial customers, and now you need to scale everything. Not just the performance of your application, but entire features to support a new kind of larger customer. You need to grow the team, not just engineering, but product and customer support, and also incorporate the tools to support them. This is where I'm in my groove, and at my most effective. I've grown teams from 3 to 50+, improved performance while scaling to 100x the load, and designed and built features from the ground up in an iterative and agile manner to minimize time-to-delivery while maximizing flexibility for future work. I have over 20 years' experience as a "web application" developer, in a variety of languages and technologies. I've been a Rails developer since there was a Rails, releasing my first app on 0.11 in 2005, and have kept up with it since. I'm comfortable working at entire levels of the app stack, from tweaking drop shadows in SCSS to optimizing database queries and debugging stack traces. I have the experience to know when to crank out some quick and dirty code vs take the time to architect a foundation that will scale and provide a platform upon which the team can build stable features for years. I work with other teams/departments within the company and customers to work to figure out optimal solutions to problems, gathering and balancing the various tradeoffs involved. I also really enjoying pairing with other developers, since we can both learn something new, as well as mentoring and leveling up the juniors. I'm involved in the various Ruby communities, have spoken at Rubyconf, and frequent the local Boulder Ruby group since its beginning. I've been involved with major Ruby open-source development in the past, like Merb and DataMapper, and am still an active contributor to smaller projects such as Dry-rb. If you're an early stage startup that has found product/market fit, and needs someone to scale both your product and your team, then I'd be a great choice to help you out.

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