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Senior dev specialising in clean, maintainable code and keeping tech debt low

I'm a full-stack Rails developer (although recent projects have concentrated on API-only backends with ReactJS front ends managed by different teams). I've been working with Rails for over 10 years (since version 3.x) and have specialised in making code bases that are easy for teams to read, understand and maintain. Key to those goals are: using standardised code styles (ensuring RuboCop and the team's practices are perfectly aligned) writing well-structured, easy-to-understand and fast tests constructive and collaborative code reviews ensuring documentation, from git histories to READMEs and other materials (online and offline) records useful, meaningful information that can be easily kept up to date and in sync with any code changes I've recently been adding GraphQL to my skill set, which also includes PostgreSQL, ElasticSearch, Redis and other languages (Swift, PHP, JavaScript, and more). On the front end, I have experience both with Rails' native toolset and with ReactJS, Next.js and React Native. I also have experience of platform-native toolsets such as SwiftUI to deliver applications that feel intrinsically like part of the user’s mobile experience. I've worked on projects of various sizes, from scheduling and booking software for a major tech training company to systems allowing TV distributors to sell thousands of hours of programming all over the world. Ideally, I'm looking to work on products with which I can feel personally invested – an exciting product or tech-for-good project would definitely suit me better than a fintech role.

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Hey there, I'm Anubhav, an AI developer fascinated by the endless possibilities of artificial intelligence. With a knack for crafting intelligent systems and a background in computer science, I'm all about using AI to solve complex problems and create seamless user experiences. Let's innovate together!

My journey as a developer began with a fascination for solving puzzles, which eventually led me to the captivating realm of artificial intelligence. What sets me apart is my relentless pursuit of excellence combined with an insatiable curiosity to explore the uncharted territories of AI. Recently, I achieved a significant milestone by developing a novel deep learning architecture that outperformed existing models in image recognition tasks by a remarkable margin. This experience not only sharpened my technical skills but also reinforced my belief in the transformative power of AI. One thing I'm particularly passionate about is leveraging AI to tackle societal challenges, whether it's optimizing resource allocation in healthcare or enhancing accessibility for people with disabilities. My unique blend of creativity, adaptability, and a deep understanding of AI algorithms enables me to tackle complex problems with innovative solutions. I thrive in environments where innovation is encouraged, and my knack for thinking outside the box often leads to breakthroughs that others might overlook. With a track record of delivering results and a commitment to pushing the boundaries of what's possible, I'm confident in my ability to make a meaningful impact as an AI developer.

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Ruby on Rails developer passionate about writing quality code

Source contributor

I'm a Software Engineer working on web applications since 2013. I started off with Java and Python back in the day. I have worked with VMware in the Bay Area for a couple of years. I started working with Ruby in 2016 and have been a Ruby on Rails developer ever since. I love working with Ruby and its ethos of developer-friendliness. I like Ruby's English-friendly syntax and its magical way of how sometimes a method "just works". There is always something new to learn when it comes to Ruby and Ruby on Rails. I also like following the Rails way as much as possible. I'm a big fan of the majestic monolith and writing full-stack Rails apps. I also have experience working with the latest in Rails tech such as Hotwire Turbo Frames and Stimulus. I have made a few open source contributions in Rails including this website and also created a gem in one of my previous companies. I like writing clean code that is easier to maintain and modify. I also consider testing a crucial part of the software engineering process as it helps reduce cognitive overload. I'm a big fan of following proper software engineering practices to deliver high quality software. My way of keeping up with the latest in Rails is by reading newsletters, listening to podcasts and following the Ruby community folks on Twitter. I also like watching Youtube streams and conference videos and have been trying really hard to trim down my "Watch Later" list on YouTube. In my spare time, I play soccer for a local team. I'm a Chelsea fan as far as English Premier league is concerned. I'm also a big foodie and like travelling all over the world eating local food.

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