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Experienced Lead Ruby on Rails Engineer

Results-driven engineering manager with nearly 20 years of hands-on experience in software development and leadership roles. I am passionate about both developing people and delivering high-quality software solutions. Throughout my career, I have successfully led cross-functional teams, fostering collaboration and driving innovation. Proficient in multiple programming languages and disciplines, I have consistently embraced new technologies and methodologies to stay at the forefront of industry trends. I believe in a growth mindset and have actively pursued continuous learning opportunities, earning certifications in AWS cloud services to enhance my technical expertise. Notable achievements include rapid growth of the engineering team at B4B Payments following acquisition by Banking Circle Group, demonstrating my ability to deliver results and drive organisational success. I excel in creating a supportive work environment, empowering individuals to reach their full potential and fostering a culture of learning and professional development. As I transition into the next phase of my career, I am excited to leverage my extensive experience and leadership skills as an engineering manager or VP of Engineering in either larger companies or dynamic startups. I am open to exploring opportunities outside the financial services industry and look forward to driving technological innovation and building high-performing teams in new domains.

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Experienced Senior Software Engineer specializing in Rails development with a strong track record of building reliable applications, collaborating effectively in code reviews and pair programming, and 11 years of remote work experience.

With over 21 years of software development expertise, including 11 years of remote working, I am a seasoned professional ready to take on the challenges of a Senior Software Engineer role. I have worked with a wide range of programming languages, including Node.js, Ruby, and C#, allowing me to adapt quickly and efficiently to any technology stack. Known for my problem-solving skills, I thrive in finding innovative solutions to complex technical issues. My strong communication skills enable me to effectively collaborate with cross-functional teams and stakeholders, even in remote settings. I firmly believe in the value of accountability and am always ready to own up to my mistakes, embracing them as opportunities for growth and improvement. I genuinely love being part of a team, where I can contribute my skills, experience, and also provide mentorship and support to junior members. I firmly believe that no one is above being challenged, and I embrace the chance to explain my thinking to foster better understanding among team members. Through open discussions and sharing insights, we can collectively improve our problem-solving abilities and find more effective solutions. It's this collaborative environment that energises me and allows everyone to grow together. My extensive experience, adaptability, problem-solving skills, and collaborative mindset make me highly capable of taking a project from its initial idea to successful implementation. I am confident that I can contribute my skills, experience, and dedication to any team or project.

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Expert fullstack engineer 10+ years

I’m a fullstack web engineer with a decade of experience in breaking down product ideas into software bets that I quickly validate with customer interviews. I consulted as the most senior fullstack engineer and tech lead at (one of) the oldest Ruby on Rails shops in the world, Lunar Logic. I’m fluent with several technologies, but focus on business outcomes—software is just a side effect. 🎯 Successful (software) bets 🎯 - Led Hypoguide.ch (fintech) to a big exit - Rescued OrderNova.com (oms + ecommerce) from failed launch to recurring revenue - Modernized AirCasting.org (big data + dataviz) without ever stopping for a rewrite 💻 Tech 💻 Ansible / Heroku / AWS Ruby on Rails / Hotwire Node TypeScript React Elm PostgreSQL ⭐️ Testimonials ⭐️ "Riccardo can optimize for much better performance without needing to overhaul the foundation, even when the foundation is kind of crumby: - He’s knowledgeable, willing to do the research, good at doing research, and full of good ideas. - He never lets perfect be the enemy of good enough. - He relentlessly made forward progress while patching things up along the way. - He’s always reassessing, considering the best direction forward. I would absolutely recommend Riccardo! Because he’s both extremely competent and inventive as a coder and a good communicator, project manager, and leader. Only hire Riccardo if you're willing to give him some creative control, because otherwise what's the point of hiring someone with his talents?" Michael Heimbinder Founder & Executive Director @ HabitatMap/AirCasting === “You have always made me feel like we could do anything whenever we worked together, it was only a matter of time.” Mateusz Luterek Ruby Developer @ Shopify === “The way Riccardo approaches complex problems is highly structured. Before setting out to tackle an issue, he sits down to analyze it first so that no effort is wasted. Thanks to this we could be sure that the plan that we set out will have a positive impact.” Rafał Cieślak Software Developer @ Teleport === “I am certain that Riccardo would be a great asset to any team. Here's what struck me most while working with him: high technical expertise, passion for the work he does, responsibility & accountability, uniquely high levels of productivity, dedication, clear and respectful communication.” Shadi Rezek Co-Founder & Software Engineer @ Knapsack

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