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Senior dev specialising in clean, maintainable code and keeping tech debt low

I'm a full-stack Rails developer (although recent projects have concentrated on API-only backends with ReactJS front ends managed by different teams). I've been working with Rails for over 10 years (since version 3.x) and have specialised in making code bases that are easy for teams to read, understand and maintain. Key to those goals are: using standardised code styles (ensuring RuboCop and the team's practices are perfectly aligned) writing well-structured, easy-to-understand and fast tests constructive and collaborative code reviews ensuring documentation, from git histories to READMEs and other materials (online and offline) records useful, meaningful information that can be easily kept up to date and in sync with any code changes I've recently been adding GraphQL to my skill set, which also includes PostgreSQL, ElasticSearch, Redis and other languages (Swift, PHP, JavaScript, and more). On the front end, I have experience both with Rails' native toolset and with ReactJS, Next.js and React Native. I also have experience of platform-native toolsets such as SwiftUI to deliver applications that feel intrinsically like part of the user’s mobile experience. I've worked on projects of various sizes, from scheduling and booking software for a major tech training company to systems allowing TV distributors to sell thousands of hours of programming all over the world. Ideally, I'm looking to work on products with which I can feel personally invested – an exciting product or tech-for-good project would definitely suit me better than a fintech role.

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Ruby on Rails Developer

Languages / Frameworks: Ruby, JavaScript, Ruby on Rails, ActiveRecord, SQL, RSpec, Capybara, JSON, GraphQL, HTML, CSS, PostgreSQL, TailwindCSS, Sidekiq, Redis, GraphQL Systems / Practices: OOP, SOA Architecture, Heroku, Render, TDD, CI/CD with GitHub Actions, GitHub, Object-Oriented Programming, Building and Consuming REST APIs, MVC Architecture, CRUD Functionality, Postman As a software developer, I plan on pursuing an opportunity to help others in an alternative way while still allowing me to approach it with the compassion and passion I had while working with kids and helping them grow to be the best version of themselves. I spent the last eight years in the field of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) where I was given the opportunity to help teach children with behavioral health needs or with developmental delays. It was a great experience being able to problem solve in the moment and help teach the kids alternative ways to communicate their wants and needs and see their growth in communication with the work we did together. Opportunities within the field that led to growth meant moving into different positions and spending less time with the kids and those opportunities weren't for me in the end. I decided if I was going to take a step away from working with kids I wanted to do something I could be equally as passionate about while still being able to help others continue to learn and grow. I'm a backend engineer who values compassion, creativity, and helping to create inclusive environments where everyone is seen and heard. I thrive on seeing others succeed and grow to become the best version of themselves. Feel free to message me here or email!

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Senior Backend Engineer [11 YOE]

I relish the depth and creativity of software engineering and take pride in my contributions to software projects. I have over a decade of experience designing and implementing robust backends that power e-commerce applications serving millions of users and tens of thousands of businesses. In the future, I aim to specialize in engineering the distributed systems that undergird web applications, and I am working on growing my expertise in this area. My greatest wish is to work in an environment where continual learning and collaboration foster the creation of great software and cultivate my growth as an engineer. Building large and middle-sized backend systems written in Ruby is the most significant part of my experience to date. To a lesser extent, I have worked on the frontend with React, but I'm excited to do more of that in the future too. I construe the backend as the source of truth by how it conveys well-expressed concepts in the business domain and circumscribes well-behaved client applications. A lucid example of this from my work at Leafly was the real-time infrastructure that supported various features in our admin order dashboard. Software systems develop within constraints along social and technical axes. On the social axis, structured and proactive communication and documentation keep a system and its operators in alignment over its lifetime. On the technical axis, an iterative approach to development allows an organization to adapt to an environment of constrained resources and to accommodate ever more use cases and elaborations of the business. My biggest project at Leafly, an integration platform that communicated with many dozen external point-of-sale systems, perfectly speaks to this nature of developing and operating a mature, large-scale software system with a large group of sophisticated stakeholders. In particular, the highly modular data ingestion pipeline at the heart of that system was well-suited to meet this vision. A few themes concerning the environment at a company would excite me about the prospect of working there. First, I appreciate a focus on mentoring, collective learning, and striving for technical excellence. Teaching is an essential practice for an engineering team. Teaching junior engineers my thought process and philosophy while writing code and designing systems was one of the most fulfilling aspects of my past work. I also love thinking deeply about system architecture, participating in high-level planning discussions, and tackling technical sequencing challenges. This inclination was critical at Leafly, where I helped with efforts to migrate away from generations of legacy technology. Finally, my favorite thing is learning, and I appreciate an environment that encourages engineers to do so. I spend some time outside work now studying functional programming, category theory, and distributed systems. And I aspire to contribute to more open-source projects and pursue side projects. Skills Languages Expert Ruby Novice TypeScript Python Elixir Rust Elm Frameworks Expert Ruby on Rails Sidekiq Novice Phoenix React Databases Expert SQL Novice Redis Elasticsearch Infrastructure Novice AWS Kubernetes Datadog Tools TDD Git & GitHub Jira Confluence Agile

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