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Principal Ruby on Rails Engineer, founder of Flatiron School, taught over 5,000 people how to code.

With 20+ years of experience, I am a deeply technical engineering and product leader passionate about building reliable and efficient systems. I have taught thousands how to code and built engineering teams from the ground up. I thrive on transforming product vision into reality through creative solutions to complex problems. Revature — Chief Product Officer October 2020 - Current Responsible for scaling Revature’s technical training and staffing business through platform and technology. Managed a remote product and engineering team of 50 in India. Achieved a Java application uptime of 99% from ~90%. Introduced Ruby on Rails to reduce sprint time by 50%. Lowered cost of cloud environment by 30% by rearchitecting AWS configuration while increasing speed and reliability. Conceived of and built training event tracking system that integrated data from multiple sources and made it actionable in marketing and training to increase efficacy of training platform by 15% yielding over $45 million in new revenue and cost savings. Flatiron School — Founder, Chief Product Officer June 2012 - May 2020 Founder of 2nd coding bootcamp ever leading technology education and product development. Grew company to over 600 employees, 13 campuses, 10,000 alumni, 2,500 yearly students, a 93% average job placement, six career disciplines, and $60 million in revenue and a $36 million acquisition. Authored an innovative Ruby, Ruby on Rails, and Javascript Test Driven Curriculum that has resulted in over 5000+ new developers. Created and led product and engineering of an inspirational learning management system that integrated with Github hosted, versioned, curriculum with an automated test-suite holding students accountable for progress. Sold a copy of this LMS for $14 million. Built and managed a product and engineering team of over 60 leveraging Ruby, Elixir, and Javascript. Maintained 2 week feature sprints across 6 squads resulting in daily deployments. Reported to the executive team and board and collaborated on technology initiatives with sales and Salesforce and marketing and Segment and Marketo. I am looking forward to discussing how I could be of service and value to your team and product.