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Full-Stack | Ruby On Rails | Hotwire | Turbo | Stimulus | TailwindCSS Engineer | VIM

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How I can help you I am a Rails and PostgreSQL expert. That means that I am very familiar doing things the rails way. There are things that you can only learn from being in a career for so fifteen years. I call it hidden knowledge. At some point you develop a sixth sense for when and how deep to test, which refactors are necessary, a set of practices for handling ActiveRecord associations. Passions I believe that an expert developer is a unique asset to a company as they can drastically change its course. I like working with startups, and I have 15 years of tips, tricks, techniques, strategies from a technical perspective as well as an business/operational perspective. Developer origin story I spent a bunch of time on linux and building out my home network. I've always had a love for this craft. I started building robots, then teaching middle and high schoolers how to build and program robots, while managing my own self hosted networks and distro-hopping linux flavors Unique skills that make me awesome I've written custom PostgreSQL extensions You'll notice with me that I am very quick on the keyboard, and between the well placed lame jokes, combined surgically precise problem solving, I have consistently told me that I am a pleasure to work with. Core Skills ⌨️ Tech skills: - Ruby / Ruby on Rails / Rspec - Javascript / Stimulus.js / Turbo / React / AlpineJS - PostgreSQL / Redis / Sidekiq / Goodjob - Heroku / Github / AWS - View components / Tailwind / Bootstrap - Neovim Ninja Startups I built and sold directmailer.io, a direct mailer marketing platform that provides modern marketing conveniences to a legacy channel. Adheres to compliance within certain verticals, and provides deep integration like you're used to in SEO. I was hired to build the core infrastructure for floridahomesteadcheck.com, a property tax analysis tool that guarantees the lowest property taxes for Florida residents. You have an idea worth building

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Software development expert with 20+ years of experience, including team management.

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Built and designed several Rails applications since 2008. Some example clients where I've contributed to their commercial platform: BraveWriter - A homeschool grammar and English literature classroom forum with annual sales of > $1M. Built an integrated ecommerce support for processing semester registration. https://bravewriter.com Anddit - A non-profit portal for connecting people in need underwritten by a biopharmaceutical company. Original site design and architecture. https://anddit.com/ Spoonflower - The original print-on-demand for fabric enterprise. Trained (refactoring, TDD) and consulted for the engineering team, as well as migrated the original Rails infrastructure through several versions. https://www.spoonflower.com/ RedHat - contributed as a member of the Katello plugin (https://theforeman.org/plugins/katello/), a Rails engine for Foreman server management application as a Senior Software Developer at RedHat. This included both active development as an individual contributor, but also reviewing and managing contributions from the open source community. I recently built a JIRA plugin for schedule forecasting Kanban teams, written of course in Rails! This plugin does simple date estimations to help teams realize the velocity of their Kanban board. https://marketplace.atlassian.com/apps/1232566/issue-forecast?hosting=cloud&tab=overview I've had experience as both an individual contributor as as a team manager/lead.

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I love to work with Stripe Connect, StimulusJS, TailwindCSS, ViewComponents, Turbo 👍

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I've worked with Stripe Connect, ElasticSearch, AWS, Heroku, Sidekiq, RSpec, and PostgresSQL and my preferred tech stack is Rails with TailwindCSS, ViewComponents, StimulusJS and Turbo. With 10+ years of industry experience as a Full Stack developer and having delivered many products, I have a proven track record of designing, developing, and maintaining a diverse range of applications for startups and enterprise. Member of the Bridgetown Ruby core team Contributor to Open Source Software Teach through mentorship and tutorials Managed projects and team Consulted startups from conception to launch Designed business models, user interfaces, UX Decided on tech stacks, dev operations and infrastructure Considers what to implement based on company budget, deadlines, user needs. Performed business operations and company marketing/sales Preferred industries: I have experience in Medical & Health industries, Fintech, Marketing, E-commerce/Marketplace SaaS, and small businesses of all kinds. As you can see my passion for working on web projects extends past coding. I love creating and collaborating with others to build something great. If you need a hard-working, deadline-driven, team player to help push the boundaries of what we can do with software together, give me a call. People are happiest when two or more work together toward a common goal...

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Software Engineering Leader | Ruby on Rails Expert

With over two decades of experience in web application development and a passion for Ruby on Rails, I have carved a niche in creating lean, efficient teams and scalable software. My journey in the tech world is more than just a career; it's a commitment to excellence in coding, a dedication to collaborative innovation, and a continuous pursuit of elegant solutions. Key Skills: Ruby, Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, SQL Additional Proficiencies: Docker, AWS, Tailwind, Postman Professional Highlights 24+ years in Web Application Development Specializing in Ruby on Rails for the past 11 years, I have honed my skills in building robust, efficient, and scalable web applications. My expertise lies in not just coding, but in leading teams to achieve collective goals. Leadership at Various Levels From Manager to VP of Engineering, I have led diverse teams in startups and established companies. My leadership style is rooted in collaboration, innovation, and a strong belief in quality code and testing. A Proven Track Record of Success At Gig Wage, I played a pivotal role in increasing revenue by 10x through strategic product development and moving to a microservice architecture. My approach always balances business needs with technical excellence. Active Coder and Mentor Even in leadership roles, I've stayed hands-on with coding (up to 50% of my time), ensuring that I stay connected with the core of software development – solving problems through code.

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10yr+ Generalist | Backend/Ops/Full Stack | Bug Whisperer | Senior thru Co-Founder

Seasoned code wrangler with over a decade in Ruby on Rails and a past life as a social worker and policy researcher. I've got a knack for translating geek speak for humans and wrangling stakeholder needs into delighted users and maintainable code. Somehow, most days, I still like my IDE. Looking to land in a place where code meets impact. Full stack developer that has spent over a decade in the Ruby/Rails ecosystem. I lean ops -> backend, but I can get in there and wrangle JS components and CSS if need be. I often wear at least a little bit of a product manager hat, have been a team lead on large projects, and I even try to remember to write documentation and technical briefs. I'm longwinded in slack, shy in person, didactic and friendly in code reviews, and occasionally down a rabbithole. Loves: Wrangling weird bugs and annoying APIs, refactoring, clear code (for the humans) and good tests (for the robots), figuring out the best places to deliver maximum impact and shipping quickly, teaching myself new things, compassionate communication and collaboration with multiple stockholders, making weird things happen in the CI pipeline Not so loves: JS in general, jerks, arrogance, watching junior developers not get the support they need and thinking it is their fault, refreshing staging for an hour wondering why my debugger isn't getting hit. -- Have worked in startups at all stages of their life cycle as both an introverted grumpy solo developer and team leader, helped make product decisions, mentored other developers, deleted prod a few times, etc. I chafe a bit at schedules, but occasionally I'll figure out a big that would have been a big problem in the future at 3am and just fix it. Love fixing those things. I can meeting during normal human hours though. -- Open to short and long term contracts and FTE for the right fit. Prefer chill flat organizations where everyone likes and respects each other and just gets stuff done. I've shipped features faster at those organizations than any that were focused on relentless hustle. -- Tell me why you believe in your tech and I'll tell you about one of my weird side projects like a Led Zeppelin button or a confessional that floats in the air. -- Have PhD level statistics classes buried in my brain somewhere, know my way around python and some data analysis, have built ETL pipelines - if it has to be done, I'll try to figure out a way to get it done. And the longer you hang around this world, you realize the most important programming language is being able to talk to people in kind and useful ways. -- Senior enough to know that sometimes it's the code you don't write that solves the problem ;) Junior enough to still get excited every time I make LEDs blink with magic words.

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Data Integrations for Manufacturing; Accounting, Scheduling, & Inventory Systems.

Many years ago, I wrote a small application that consolidated bank statements for a real estate developer using a Btrieve database so they could know how much cash they had to buy office buildings. This skill soon merged into solving database corruption problems for distributed accounting applications. Those experiences led to a 15-year career deploying, integrating, and managing accounting and construction management software for the property management industry. My roots go back to building and managing inventory and maintenance systems and teaching at the Water Survival Instructor School in the United States Marine Corps. These experiences taught me that the capacity to manage systems is inherently a people process. No matter how great a system is, it is about training and empowering people to run and support the systems being deployed. Ruby and Ruby on Rails are my preferred tools for building custom integrations for manufacturing systems. Recently, I did this for the company building the complex composite panels for the Lucas Museum of Narrative Art in LA. Two issues had to be solved. The most important was a gating system for feeding semi-truck-sized molds into the robotic honing system (Primary Capacity Constraint) from one building to another. The second was consolidating data from the Quality Assurance Database, the Engineer Database (In Asana) and AutoDesk's ProdSmart MIS system.

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