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Creative, easygoing, thoughtful, experienced software(Rails, Node, PHP)/cloud/devops engineer

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I'm a software engineer with deep years experience in:
- Application design (requirements and spec definition and agreement, domain-driven design, object-oriented design, data structure management, ETL processes, etc.)
- Application engineering (Rails, NodeJS, React/Vue, frontend)
- Server administration (Linux, Nginx, Apache, etc.)
- Containerization (Kubernetes, EKS, Docker)
- Cloud infrastructure (AWS, GCP, Terraform)
- Cloud and infrastructure security (CPI-810)
- Compliance (CCPA, GDPA, CPNI, etc.)

I'm funny and I'm smart and a good listener. I like working in a team and getting things done. I like finding processes and ways to work that make things more efficient, fun, and engaging. Open to hourly or project-based work.