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Hands on Ruby on Rails Developer / Engineering Manager (20 years experience)

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A passionate Ruby on Rails developer, author of i Love Ruby

I am a person who can build projects on a turn key basis. I completely agree with 37Signals philosophy of developing software. I agree with Rails 100% including the way it enables us to build modern web apps with Hotwire.

I am constantly looking for ways to develop applications with perfection and with less of cognitive load for developers. I love to build high performance teams for your business, and keep them mentally healthy so that we have an honest work place where people are free to tell facts.

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My ruby book

My current hobby Rails project:

Companies I serve now as freelancer:

  1. Healthicity
  2. Numerical Works
  3. South Indian Safari (yet to launch)

My previous projects:

  1. FINavigator
  2. Optoro
  3. Tech Architect for Rails teams in Guidehouse