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I am a ruby on rails developer, strong in design and integration with intuitive problem-solving skills

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I am a student currently studying CS degree from University of Sargodha.
I started my web development journey as a front end developer by learning HTML,CSS and a little bit JavaScript. Then i shifted to backend development with Php. After working a little bit in Php i was not yet satisfied because i had keen of learning and doing something new so i shifted myself to Ruby on Rails community. And amazingly that was fabulous experience.
Up to now i have done many projects in ruby on rails like building a e-commerce sites , Twitter and Instagram clones along with usage of CSS frameworks like Tailwind CSS, Bootstrap and Bulma CSS.
I am passionate about my work too much because i have always keen of learning and doing something new.
I can help in developing ruby on rails sites like in e-commerce sites or building new features in rails apps.