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Improve my clients businesses by creating the best web applications, with a smile :-)

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10 years working as Ruby on Rails Freelancer, with more than 30 successful projects. Business focused. Prioritizing the best communication with clients. Let’s write the specs and I will build it for you.

Ask yourself the following questions:

--> Have you lost a lot of money in non-profitable developments?
We should go to production in less than 3 months with our very best Minimum Valuable Product.

--> Are you experiencing expensive software maintenance due to Architectural needless complexity with APIs, React, Angular, Vue,... ?
I create React-equivalent modern frontends, cheap and easy to maintain, thanks to Hotwire JS-library, completely adapted to Ruby on Rails Backend. Without code duplication: APIs, models, validations, functions etc... No need to contract Fontend Developers yet.

--> Bored of breaking something on every code change?
I grant over 90% of your code covered by automated tests, running before every deployment, to ensure that nothing else breaks nowhere.

--> Tired of waiting weeks to see a new feature working in your site?
I grant you will see everyday changes thanks to daily automated deployments. No need to contract QA Engineers yet.

--> Is your site slowing down due to users growth?
I build High Scalability systems taking care of Rails performance, and based on containers and microservices, adapted automatically to your business growth. No need to contract Devops Engineers yet.

--> Did you experience poor communication with your Development Team?
I will send you a daily email with things to-do and done, based on business planification. And all talks you need, of course.