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Senior Software Engineer Ruby On Rails | Shopify | Devops | Rust

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I am a passionate Ruby developer with 9+ years of experience with Ruby on Rails, and having the same amount of remote working experience with a small to a very wide number of Team Members. Apart from being a team player, I also have experience in Leading projects and solutions, and implementing complex solutions that require changes/collaboration across teams/pods in the organization.

I have worked with business domains like Healthcare, Education, Finance, E-commerce, and Virtual Events Platform

Have been working with rails since rails 2.8to the latest ruby from 1.8 to latest,
also have good knowledge of both Relational & Non-Relational database systems like MySQL, Postgresql, InfluxDB, MongoDB etc..., and a strong understanding of OOP concepts

Strongly believe in a code base with strong test coverage and good knowledge of RSpec. Am also quite familiar with AWS, Terraform, Kubernetes, PagerDuty, and the Agile Work process!