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Self taught rails developer through The Odin Project. I love building things in rails and solving problems. I'm eager to continue learning in a professional code base.

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I'm a motivated self taught rails developer. I was a CS major back in the 90's before google and stack overflow were available. I didn't have the self confidence or tenacity to make it through DSA at that time. I've been looking to make a real change in my life from my prior work. I started a business and in the course of that looked into building a website. I came across The Odin Project (TOP) and was hooked pretty much instantly. I've been a pretty tenacious user of google in my hobbies and jobs, so that really helped with this learning experience. I have the belief that if the information exists, I can find it. And it almost always exists. If not, then I'll go through the docs until I can figure it out myself. To supplement TOP, I did 4 Udemy courses totaling around 170 hours of video. That learning was then solidified by completing the original projects as part of TOP. While I may lack professional developer experience, I make up for it by being articulate, fun, creative and easy to work with. I have a diverse background of sales, customer service, and being a team leader for an environmental company. Software may be the product, but working with people is how it gets made.