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馃挱 Do you have an idea that makes sense in theory, but you haven't gotten it beyond that point? An existing team that could use some direction? Perhaps a product that you've gotten to market, but you're finding it harder to add more and more customized features and keep it performing the way it should?

馃憢 For a little over a decade now, I've been building clean, maintainable, applications for everything from cyber security, high traffic (millions of transactions per day), credit products, custom learning platforms, to custom storefronts.

馃 I take a pragmatic approach to development, I'll hear you out, ask some pointed questions along the way, give targeted feedback, and rinse and repeat until we've got a clear vision for your product. You'll be able to give feedback on quick builds that are put together in days / weeks rather than months. This process is called prototyping.

馃弳 Prototypes are great, but they won't take into account all the nuances needed for a product to start serving customers, so from there we'll have a conversation about what your "must haves" are in order to get a product in front of customers. Anything that you'd like but isn't a "must" will be outside the scope. This step is where we build an MVP (minimum viable product). The goal here is to get your product to market as fast as possible. Paying customers are the best source of feedback you can get, but we need an MVP to get them in the system.

From there we work on the features that you and your customers want most. I'll always give you straight talk on what options you have for various features, and steer you toward the most practical technology choices to handle the functionality you want, while also working within your budget.

Core Services

  • build a prototype or MVP
  • jump into an existing application and work through a hard to build feature, or difficult bug
  • improve the performance of your existing application
  • improve your authentication layer (add popular authentication providers and protocols)
  • improve your application security (evaluate and fix security holes, work through security questionnaires your clients send you)
  • begin accepting payments in your application
  • make your application mobile friendly (either using responsive / progressive design techniques or with a full fledged mobile app)
  • give feedback on and improve your existing design