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Ruby on Rails developer with 4+ years of experience.

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- 🚀 With 4+ years of experience as a software developer, specializing in full-stack web development using technologies such as Ruby on Rails, Ruby, Typescript and JavaScript.
- 🎙️ Organizing and speaking at #C2F, a Tech focus conf. in the heart of Nigeria.
- 📚 I’m currently learning AI and Prompt Engineering and exploring it in solutions.

- 🛠️ Full-stack web development using Ruby on Rails, Typescript, and React.
- 🔧 DevOps experience with GCP, Firebase, Azure, Heroku, GitHub Actions.
- 💾 Database experience with MongoDB, MySQL, Postgresql, and Firestore.

Career Highlights:
- 🚀 Built a web and mobile application for revenue management using Ruby on Rails, React Native, and hosted on Heroku, exceeding client expectations.
- 👥 Led a team in building a RESTFUL API backend for an enterprise-level document management system using Express and Mocha for testing, resulting in efficient document handling.

With my experience in software development, strong technical skills, and a passion for mentoring, I am equipped to contribute to your team.