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Starting out as a musician, I became a full-time developer 20+ ago and have worked with a wide variety of languages and frameworks and held many roles. I am convinced that the success of a project comes down to people. A seasoned developer can learn anything needed for a project but how to work with others and collaborate as a team is key to success.

Some metrics I enjoy in any working relationship:

  • Feeling productive and empowered
  • A reasonable level of autonomy and ownership
  • Flat hierarchy
  • Merit based metrics, applied with intent and regularity
  • Reciprocity: I provide a high level of engagement and value and expect adequate compensation
  • A relationship based on trust, mutual respect and inclusiveness
  • Opportunities to apply creative solutions that move a project forward
  • Opportunity to mentor and teach and also to grow
  • Building a long-term and mutually beneficial relationship. You win, I win.
  • Basics such as adequate tooling to be able to perform my tasks with as little friction as possible. For example, home office allowance.