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Staff Software Engineer, PostgreSQL Specialist, Author

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馃搱 Mission: Help teams achieve success with their PostgreSQL databases and Ruby on Rails web applications.

Why hire me?
I鈥檝e optimized multi-terabyte PostgreSQL databases running thousands of queries per second. I understand the kinds of challenges faced at that scale.

What will we work on?
馃搳 We can improve query performance, helping avoid unnecessary spending on larger instances
馃捑 Let鈥檚 optimize the schema design, queries, and indexes, for greater reliability and performance
馃悩 I鈥檒l perform data migrations for primary key conversions or partitioned table migrations, based on a plan we鈥檒l review together in advance
馃懆 As a conference presenter and educator, I鈥檓 ready to train your team on PostgreSQL and Active Record topics. We can use existing materials or create a custom plan.

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