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Full Stack Developer - React-Redux-Ruby-Rails | Positive-minded individual | Bringing creativity to life through code

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Hello everyone! I'm an experienced full-stack developer specializing in web development, with expertise in React, Redux, and Rails to create tailored software solutions for diverse businesses. Alongside my technical skills, I've been actively practicing mindfulness for several months, enhancing my focus and problem-solving abilities.

Prior to joining Microverse, I completed a two-year computer science program at UCSY, which provided me with a strong foundation in programming languages and an eagerness for continuous learning in the ever-evolving tech industry.

Thanks to Microverse's intensive training, I've gained valuable experience in remote work and effective teamwork. Over the past months, I've worked on various projects, collaborating with developers from around the world to develop APIs and web pages.

My problem-solving mindset and adaptability, honed during my studies and enhanced by mindfulness practice, make me confident in tackling challenges efficiently. I believe these skills and expertise make me an invaluable asset to any development team. Feel free to DM me anytime for a quick 10-minute chat to explore how my skills can benefit you.

Front-End: Javascript, React, Redux, Tailwind CSS, Bootstrap, HTML5
Back-End: Ruby, Rails, MySQL, Postgres, Php, Laravel
Tools & Methods: Git, Github, Render, Netlify, Mobile Development, Chrome Dev Tools
Product Management: Prototyping | Wireframing
Professional: Remote Pair-Programming, Teamwork, Mentoring