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Senior & lead developer. Loving performance optimization

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Hi I'm an embedded software engineer since 2009. I discovered RubyOnRails in 2011 and I've been using it ever since.

I'm working on the full stack, and my stack is simple. RubyOnRails, Postgresql, Tailwindcss, Hotwire ( turbo & stimulusjs), sidekiq, redis.

I don't do react or Vue or SPA.

I adapt to hosting providers, been using aws, heroku, scalingo. I've been a DevOps for 2 years.

I love tackling performance issues and software design decisions.

One thing I really love is working with juniors, in order to share knowledge, help them improve.

I using the ShapeUp methodology to frame the developments I'm working on.

By the way, I'm French, so if you happen to come by, come and say hello, we'll have some wine and cheese.

See you.