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A Senior Rails Engineer with 7 years of experience building user-centric web apps in agency and startup settings.

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I made a career change to become a Software Engineer in early 2017. I got my first job working at an agency where I worked with a variety of technologies building MVP applications for clients. In that first year, I billed to 13 different clients and developed proficiency in JavaScript, PHP, Java, and - most of all - Ruby. Ruby on Rails was an excellent technology to learn at that stage in my career. It had a low barrier to entry, but a high skill ceiling. It was clear that I could go far with it, but I could also develop my skills in the short term.

After leaving that role, I went on to work at 3 different early growth stage startups. I've worked in e-commerce as well as the tech industry. Over the course of my last three roles I have been able to grow my career from a mid-level engineer to a skilled and proficient lead developer.

In my most recent role, I was solely responsible for our Rails monolith as well as our system infrastructure. I personally created internal tools and client-facing features that resulted in doubled conversion and increased worker productivity.

The thread that has stayed consistent through my career has been Ruby on Rails. It is an excellent technology that is thriving. I hope to continue to work with it for years to come.