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CTO, Senior Full Stack Dev | RoR and Js/Typescript Expert | Remote

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Senior software engineer with over 10 years of experience as a remote freelancer.

My educational background includes an MSc 2:1 in computer science and applied mathematics engineering from ENSEEIHT (Toulouse, France) in 2009. I then worked for 2 years as a frontend developer at a startup in London and transitioned to backend work in 2013.

Specializing in web application development, I have undertaken projects for companies such as Carrefour, L'Oréal, Cocolis, Epicery, and Alerti.

My work has encompassed backend development, data engineering, code and database performance improvement, e-commerce platform customization and logistics, payment system integration, API creation, crawlers, technical documentation, and testing.

Passionate about data manipulation and rendering them to users and stakeholders in a more meaningful way, I am currently expanding my skills in AI/ML and neural networks through CNRS fidle formation to explore how I could apply and offer these services to my clients.

Recent milestones and accomplishments include:

  • Migrating the payment system from Adyen to Stripe for Epicery
  • Migrating the frontend from Vue to Hotwire for Epicery
  • Developing a geolocalized matching algorithm between carriers and packages for Cocolis

Fields of expertise:

  • E-commerce solutions with Solidus/Spree open-source framework
  • Data processing and visualization with Business Intelligence tools for reporting
  • Integration of payment system providers
  • Integration of third-party APIs
  • Database design and performance optimization
  • Frontend performance optimization
  • Crawling and scraping
  • Technical audits
  • Testing, documentation, CI/CD tools

Experience with the following tools:

  • Languages: Ruby, Typescript, JavaScript, Node.js, Ruby on Rails
  • Platforms: AWS, Google Cloud Platform, Render, Heroku
  • Frontend: React, Vue.js, Hotwire, Angular, HTML/CSS, Alpine.js, HTMX, Astro
  • Payment providers: Stripe, Mangopay, Adyen, PayPal
  • Data viz: Amazon QuickSight, Superset, Tableau
  • Backend tools: Solidus open-source e-commerce solution, New Relic, Elasticsearch, PostgreSQL, Amazon S3, etc.
  • CI/CD Tools: GitHub CI, CircleCI

Fluent in French, English, and Spanish.