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Fullstack Software Engineer with React, NextJS, TailwindCSS experience.

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Full-Stack Web Engineer with 4+ years of industry experience in React/NextJS, and Ruby on Rails. Passionate about Javascript and the future of web development and constantly finding ways to challenge myself and my skills. Communicates effectively to reach tight deadlines and reach goals in a timely and effective manner! Eager to learn and adapt to new languages and frameworks, and ready to take on challenges to make the web a better place!

- Built and maintained a NextJS app that was utilized for a weekend with 15k active users, and over 1.2 million requests sent to the backend in an entire weekend
- Rewrote a Ruby on Rails Frontend stack from CoffeeScript to React/Typescript for a startup while utilizing Rails.
- Introduced Storybook on a React/Rails stack for Frontend Engineers to utilize and prototype their projects.
- Successfully built and deployed an app in React Native on the iOS and Android Store.
- Rewrote an entire homepage and landing pages, following a mockup from a UX designer and direction from a Product Designer
- Pushed on average 35 commits to the repo, and merged around 5-10 pull requests with code reviews and analysis.