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Building and scaling apps with Rails | React | PostgreSQL | AWS

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Passionate about solving problems, and helping teams scale.

Experienced in:
1. Backend APIs
2. AWS
3. React, JS, CoffeeScript
5. GraphQL
6. Sidekiq
7. ElasticSearch
8. TDD

Some of the work done in the past:
- Upgrading major rails version and gems.
- Automated QA workflow. Increased test coverage.
- Increased code quality for a client from a D to an A on Code Climate.
- Added features including but not limited to integrations with third-party apps, OAuth implementations, notification systems, faceted search with ElasticSearch, etc.
- Improved observability, identified DB slowness, and improved performance.
- Implemented a release schedule and development workflow around it.

Note: I've been working with global teams for over 3 years now. I can provide 3-4 hours of work overlap with PST and EST time zones. My timezone is IST.