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Software engineer. Senior full-stack Ruby on Rails. React, Angular, Flutter

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I bring a wealth of experience to the table, having contributed to a wide range of projects, from innovative startups to established fintechs. With a specialization in Ruby on Rails and a growing proficiency in Flutter, I possess a versatile Front End skill set as well, that enables me to adapt and excel in diverse development environments.

One of my recent milestones involved taking on the role of a tech lead on a complex project, where I successfully led a team to deliver a mission-critical application within a tight deadline. This experience has honed my leadership abilities while reaffirming my passion for hands-on coding.

Outside of work, I'm a dedicated family person, spending quality time with my kids and constantly striving to improve myself. I maintain a strong passion for physical fitness and combat sports, which instill discipline and determination, qualities that carry over into my professional endeavors.

My blend of technical expertise, leadership skills, and a well-rounded personal life make me a valuable asset to any team. I am actively seeking a remote position where I can leverage my talents to drive innovation and success while continuing to grow as a developer.