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Junior Dev with an artistic background and a creative approach to problem solving.

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I believe my work history showcases a balance between a broad degree of technical knowledge, customer-facing hospitality, and mentorship, coupled with an excellent foundation in software engineering fundamentals. My most recent project build (utilizing; Ruby, React, PostgreSQL) is a web app that helps artists generate new musical ideas while fostering a sense of collaboration and community. Additionally, I’ve started doing contract work for Pushgig/ATXOnstage where I handle data aggregation and management for music- related sites using Node.js and Typescript requiring various API calls and JSON parsing. In my previous position as SME, I developed a knack for taking complex solutions and procedures from the developers at Accenture/WhatsApp and reiterating it to our customer agents by designing easy-to-understand training materials driving QA results, and increasing employee engagement. This is a skill that I have developed throughout my career; whether as a mentor/trainer in the hospitality industry, a surf coach for NLand, or as a personal setup specialist for Apple. I’ve been able to use my empathy, and creativity to help guide both teams and individuals to be successful in situations that may be unfamiliar to them. As a lifelong learner, I understand the struggles and self-doubt that come with learning daunting new tasks. I am proud of my recent success in completing an intense software engineering program at the highly rated Flatiron school which gives me a robust understanding of core programming concepts and a proven ability to quickly acquire complex skill sets. With a unique understanding of the relationship between tech, and community,