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Two-time Founder and Full-Stack Engineer, I know how to deliver quality quickly

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I've been pushing code to production since I was 15. Quick overview of my experience: 2020 - Present: Co-founded a startup in the hospitality industry. Raised a pre-seed round, hired three FTE developers. Signed on 800 restaurants across the UK. This represents 1% market penetration. Led the engineering team in developing a web app and a mobile app, using best practices for CI/CD. Consistently won grants and awards. Ruby (Rails) and Python (Django), React/React Native and Typescript on AWS. 2018 - 2020: Co-founded the first entirely student-run satellite development organisation in the UK. 50+ engineers, scientists, salespeople and operations people. Raised £500k from institutional investors. Developed satellite control software on top of a Linux-based real-time operating system, managing ten volunteer developers. The software components such as the radio interface, the storage engine, the camera interface and others interacted through an event-based messaging system. Rust, C, C++. 2017: Developed a basic web portal where IB Diploma Programme students can interact. Sold access to this portal to UAE schools on a similar business model as Piazza. HTML, CSS, JS, Ruby (Rails). 2016: Joined a small team developing auto nomous drones for the government sector in the UAE. Wrote a basic test suite for the flight operating software and computer vision algorithms. C++. 2015: Wrote a homework management app for Android because I couldn’t find a well-designed app on the market. Java (Android), Ruby (Rails). During my two stints as a founder, I learnt how to prioritise and deliver a high-quality product efficiently. Happy to take on any project involving a Rails backend, especially with mobile/web clients.

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Great communicator, expert translator of Figma mocks, seeking growth opportunities.

My experience as a Rails developer has allowed me to gain a deep understanding of Rails 7, Hotwire, Stimulus, and ViewComponents. I have successfully contributed to the development of production applications at a Rails based agency, honing my skills in a professional environment. This hands-on experience has given me a solid foundation and an ability to tackle complex challenges with confidence. Aside from Rails, I am familiar with Figma, project management tools like Trello, Linear and Github, and have a strong foundation is branching git workflows. One of my strengths is translating mocks into a usable application. I'm an excellent communicator and have a very collaborative approach to projects and solving technical problems. I have also taken the initiative to learn and grow independently at every opportunity. My origin story as a developer is through The Odin Project, and demonstrates my resourcefulness, adaptability, and drive to continuously improve. By actively contributing back to The Odin Project's curriculum and community, I have been able to learn new skills and also grow my mentorship and communication skills. I've also actively contributed to Ruby for Good projects. When I'm not coding, I immerse myself in analog photography and music. I love the creative freedom in both art forms. I am eager to bring my unique blend of skills and experiences to a dynamic team, contributing to the success of your organization while constantly pushing the boundaries of my own growth.

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