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Fullstack Developer | GSoC'23 @Gitlab

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I am a Fullstack developer from vasco-da-gama Goa, India. I am recent undergrad from NIT Jalandhar,

I have a working experience of 1 year during which I have contribute to Gitlab as a Google Summer of Code contributor, worked with Hyperledger foundation as a Linux Foundation mentee.

I have also participated in various hackathon like MIT bitcoin Expo, ETHforALL, AIforALL, Hackout, BuildforBharat, MLH web3 build which gave me the opportunity to learn new things and network with a lot of folks.

My go to tech stack have been MERN stack . I have also explored Ruby on rails, golang, Bitcoin development, Blockchain, Kafka and Redpanda, redis etc.

Some of my personal projects I’ve done consisted of

  1. Building a scalable log aggregator and query tool
  2. Building a scalable formsApp that is capable of handling 1m+ users
  3. Building a AI powered github bot that can summarize the changes in the PR and suggest improvements.

Apart from this I have been an active person in the developer space, I attend regular metups, volunteer myself, also have conducted sessions in my college as part of the core member of GDSC.