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Goal driven developer with strong leadership aspirations and key strengths in critical thinking.

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As a developer, my unique background in entrepreneurship and construction management brings a diverse set of skills and experiences to the table. My experience building and running a successful company at a young age taught me the importance of strong communication, problem-solving, and the value of building efficient systems. My time in construction management further developed my skills in project management and the ability to work effectively with a team.

I am excited to bring my diverse skill set and passion for technology to the world of software development. One recent milestone I am proud of is completing a full-stack web development Bootcamp, where I gained hands-on experience building web applications from start to finish. During this intensive program, I learned to problem-solve, debug, and collaborate effectively with others. I am a strong communicator and enjoy working with people, which makes me a valuable team member.

If you are looking for a developer who is driven, adaptable, and eager to learn and grow, I would love the opportunity to join your team. Thank you for considering my application.