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Software Engineer with 7 years experience in software development

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I am a software engineer based in Nairobi, Kenya specialising in ruby on rails. I started my career in software development 7 years ago when I took the chance to convert my night time hobby of tinkering with code to a fully fledged career. I am glad that turned out well!

I have a diverse set of skills through my experience in different teams. Some of them have been enterprise teams with old monoliths where I learnt how to tame old giants - refactoring, writing end to end to tests and how to integrate new technologies without breaking the product. Others have been startups where I have been part of teams building an MVP for the CEO to make pitches to investor. I have loved this experience, seeing how things look like from both ends of the spectrum.

I love working on projects that have potential for great impact in the public space. In my last project, I was building an end to end platform for new cities to serve customers in emerging markets in Africa and Latin America. Living in a city where planning and regulation is an issue, such a project resonated strongly with me. These are the kind of things that resonate strongly with me.

I have strong expertise in ruby on rails and it's ecosystem, things like sidekiq, postgres, rspec, graphql and more. I am able to get into a large code base and start making contributions quickly.