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3+ years building apps that scale | Rails 5 - 7.1 | Hotwire Ecosystem

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Hello! I'm Knerav 👋🏼

I have over 2+ years of experience building products that make a difference in the urban governance and mobility sectors. I am also the founder and builder of RentCupid, an instant messenger and match-making app that helps you find and connect with flatmates.

I believe that the Rails way is the best way, monoliths > micro-services and convention > configuration. This framework, and my experience, have allowed me to embrace a true full-stack development cycle from architecture, coding, and testing through to deployment.

Additionally, I am a trained researcher with a focus on Economics. Several teams have leveraged my interdisciplinary background towards effective product scoping and iterative implementation. I love thinking through problems and building solutions.

-> Core competencies:

  • Experience working with Rails 7 (importmaps and esbuild)
  • Experience working with Rails 4 and 5 legacy code
  • Database: PostgreSQL, MySQL, Redis
  • Front-end: HTML & CSS, TailwindCSS, Bootstrap
  • Deployment: DigitalOcean VMs, AWS S3
  • Other: Javascript, jQuery, Stimulus, Turbo, Hotwire, WebSockets

-> Why Choose Me:

  • Proven expertise & clear communication
  • Attention to detail & user-Centric Approach
  • Up to date with Rails 7 and the Hotwire ecosystem
  • Loves to learn and adapt to project requirements

I'm only a message away! I look forward to connecting with you and discussing your requirements.