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My passion for Ruby not only steams from its elegance and productivity bus also from the community that inspires innovations. As a developer, providing efficient solution is not sufficient, I want it to be scalable and maintainable as well.

Recently I participated a project that transformed a legacy system into microservice-based system that improves that system performace and makes the system much more scalable. That project proves how I understand and know how to build a robust architecture.

Continuously learning is core value of my professional path, sometimes I choose a new thing to learn not only for my incoming career, I just think that's funny for me, for instance I have began to learn a new language called moonbit, very few people know about it. The learning curve was tough but rewarding.

I am particulary passionate about creating software that has a positive imnpact on people's lives, that means the project should have meaningful impact.

I am a quick learner, and I am not afraid of putting my hand into dirty codes in order to find the solution by using my prolem-solving approach skill.

My ideal project involves working with friendly and open-minded people, as for the team environment, what inspires me the most is I can apply my continuous learning approach with collaborative colleagues with them we can grow together.