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Fresh Full Stack Bootcamp grad, constantly curious and looking to learn!

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Data nerd, turned Full Stack Developer. I have always been a fan of using technology to make people's lives easier, as a teenager, this meant making "modifications" to my friends' PlayStation for access to more games. In work, this was typically limited to Excel and making business operations smoother. I wanted to take this further and work on projects I was passionate about. I was amazed when I found out about some of the projects that my developer friends were working on. I needed to try this for myself!

I decided to enroll in Le Wagon's Web Development program and it was a great experience. I have gained strong project management and communication skills, along with experience bringing my products from concept to launch in a short time. This includes minder - a music, movie & book library ( and Airpnp (, a solution to finding a bathroom while you are on the go.

I am thrilled by my new career direction, but also happy to have the rich experiences from my past work. I built and managed teams, negotiated with suppliers and created many internal tools. Now, I am excited to apply these skills as a Full Stack Developer.

Aside from this, I have a passion for travel, cycling, food & drink, Nathan For You and attempting crosswords while lounging in a hammock.