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1.5xp | Ruby enthusiast 🌱 | My heart project: @Youclub | My SaaS : @Musicast

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🌱 1.5 years experience as a developer (Permanent, Entrepreneurship, Freelance)

  • Depozen: Permanent contract, I was focused on notifications and API integrations.

  • Youclub (activities/clubs search engine): Initiated by my frustration with inefficient Google searches for local clubs, I envisioned and developed a dedicated app using a Ruby GraphQL API and React Native client, with web views integrated into the Rails codebase. Challenges : finding an API to query for to seed my app. Ensure data integrity between models and graphQL types. Challenges were about improving performance of query . Still improves to make.

Despite its potential, it was a commercial failure, leading me to flush the database and remove it from Heroku. I later redeployed it in its MVP state for demonstration purposes.

  • Co-founded Musicast: A platform for music competition organizers. After my co-founder departed due to loss of faith in the project, I continued alone, securing early clients before coding the entire SaaS from scratch. This included features like user roles, workflows, AI capabilities, and a dynamic planning generator which I believe is my most complex work due to its customizable settings.

I chose not to commercialize it as handling customer support, marketing, sales, product design, and coding alone was overwhelming, particularly in a niche market. This led me to resume my job search.

  • Recently: Diving deeper into Ruby methods to better understand how it works under the hood. Last very interesting moment was re-coding the belongs_to method in Rails with TDD.

  • Current Learning: Diving into Swift during my free time to expand my mobile development skills. (Stanford course)

  • Interests: I have a thing for projects with a mobile component. I am keen on tackling larger-scale projects and deeper Rails functionalities, areas I haven’t explored in my personal projects. Improving performances is an area that I like too. I attend every Paris.rb and React Native Paris events.

  • Career Aspirations: Looking for a collaborative team with structured processes, code reviews, and a senior mentor to further my growth.