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Senior Backend Engineer (Ruby on Rails)

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As a seasoned Ruby on Rails backend engineer with over 7 years of experience, I've honed my skills in server-side development and delivered high-quality solutions for clients worldwide. My journey began in 2011, when I first discovered programming concepts while waiting for my brother outside his computer science class. I soon found myself attending his classes and learning the fundamentals of programming.

I went on to pursue a degree in Computer Science, specializing in Information Technology, and completed a final year project in Android Application Development. My professional career took off with an internship as a Junior Android Application Developer at PlumZ Studios, followed by extensive experience in Ruby on Rails development, with over two dozen large-scale projects under my belt.

With a strong background in software development and a passion for innovative solutions, I excel in designing and implementing scalable, efficient, and maintainable backend systems. I'm confident in my ability to drive projects forward and deliver exceptional results.

I love giving back to the community

  1. Community Manager RubyConf Pakistan, the most significant ruby community in Pakistan
  2. Keynote speaker at Global Ruby on Rails Summit 2023 by
  3. Desi Developer @ Youtube
  4. Author of Ruby on Rails for Agile Web Development
  5. Author of Ruby on Rails monthly newsletter

To explore my work and expertise further, please visit ( I'm excited to collaborate with you on your next project!