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I've worked for nearly 40 years as a software developer starting with COBOL, then some old 4GL whose name I can't recall, on to Ada, then C and a little C++ just for fun, Java, JavaScript, SAP Admin, Ruby/Rails, a ton of scripting languages. I'm still trying to grok the modern web front end tools. Have a React book open on my desk. Looking back on my list I probably forgot some stuff. Def comfortable with SQL and various RDBM's and even had a trip to SAP land (BASIC administration).

I found myself looking for Rails work and I def have a few gallons of fuel left in the tank. I could probably retire but a have three adult kids who are awesome but they are all struggling to make it in the grown up world and without a steady income I can't help them.

I am a very good code reviewer and mentor.

The job action that brought me here has only just happened so my emotions are still a bit raw but I'm hoping this site/community will help me start a new, exciting stage in the coding life.

I like sports and music and all the usual guy stuff.