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Web Developer focusing on the Frontend and Rails

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An Interdisciplinary Learner

I'm Hao Chen, a web developer and historian based in Berlin. My interest in web development began when I attended a digital humanities workshop during my studies. I realized that in order to reach more people, high-quality content needs to be supported by modern technologies. I believe the web is the most powerful and universal medium, so I decided to give web development a try and ended up loving it.

Self-taught Frontend

I'm particularly drawn to the visual and interactive aspects of websites, so I started self-learning to become a frontend developer. Like everyone else, I started with the basics: HTML, CSS, and Javascript, and then I moved on to a framework: React.

Trained Backend with Ruby on Rails

After a year of self-learning, I attended the Le Wagon Berlin Web Development bootcamp, where I learned about Ruby and Ruby on Rails. I found these technologies enjoyable because they allow us to build full-stack applications efficiently and effectively. During the bootcamp's final projects week, my product pitch was selected, and I was chosen as the team lead for the final project team. We built a full-stack travel companion app using Ruby on Rails.

Current tech stack

After finishing Le Wagon Berlin in December 2022, I have been learning and building projects with React and NextJS. I am also gaining a deeper understanding of Rails and how it works with frontend frameworks. My current tech stack includes Tailwind CSS, SASS, React, NextJS, and Ruby on Rails.
• Tailwind CSS
• React
• NextJS
• Ruby on Rails

Other Skills

I am a historian through academic training, which has given me research and content-writing skills. Additionally, I have experience working as an assistant for two years, where I developed event management, interpersonal communication, and content editing skills.
• Research
• Content writing
• Event management
• Interpersonal communication
• Content editing