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Full Stack Rails Developer, loves design and building solutions - looking to land first rails job

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Hi there! My name is Jude I'm a freelancer looking to land my first full-time Rails job.

Although my background is in IT, I only started to move towards web development in 2020. I started my rails journey by teaching myself and following multiple online courses before signing up for the LeWagon BootCamp in 2021.

Since then I've been working freelance in Events but have continued to learn rails in my spare time, and have been working on multiple projects that I have deployed.

Along the way, I've become proficient in HTML, CSS, javascript and GIT, and have deployed Rails apps to Heroku, and Railway, and have also started to write some articles which you can find at

I'm looking to join a supportive team to help me learn and grow as a Rails developer, and although I'm fairly new to web development, with my background and experience I would be a valuable asset to the team.