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Ruby on Rails Developer with 11+ years of experience

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I’m Alkesh Ghorpade, a Staff Software Engineer with 11+ years of professional experience.
I have around 9+ years of experience in Ruby on Rails and about 1.5 to 2 years of experience in Golang and Java.

I am an open-source enthusiast and have contributed to the following:
AWS SDK gem:

I love solving Data Structures and Algorithm problems and am active on coding platforms like LeetCode, InterviewBit, and HackerEarth. I blogged about Ruby on Rails when working with Saeloun: and write programming blogs. Please refer to this link for my programming blogs.

I am passionate about solving real-life problems using tech. I optimise the code and cover all the edge cases using tests (RSpec or Minitest and system tests). I am a team player and believe in heading the team in the right direction.