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Fullstack Ruby on Rails Engineer with a passion for standards and beautiful code.

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I am a software developer looking for an engaging and dynamic multi-language environment that expands my knowledge of Ruby on Rails, SQL, Stimulus.js, Tailwindcss, and software development concepts while allowing me the opportunity to learn other cutting-edge technology.

I thrive on learning new web technologies and solving complex challenges. Not only that, but I enjoy shredding and restructuring my development process to continuously grow my professional skill set. I am always looking to grow my skill set in back-end and front-end development.

* Full-stack software engineering
* Leading team of Engineers, Designers, PMs, and QAs
* Mentoring Engineers
* Test Driven Development
* Object-Oriented Programming
* Database Normalization
* DevOps & Infrastructure
* Performance Benchmarking

* Ruby
* Ruby on Rails
* PostgreSQL
* Hotwire - Turbo + Stimulus.js
* Tailwindcss
* React.js
* GraphQL
* Redux
* Linux OS