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An experienced web application developer with 6+ years of experience

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I hold a Computer Engineering degree from a well-known University in India, Gujarat Technological University. During my final year of college, I developed an Android app named "Shadow Me". This app assists travelers in choosing the optimal side to sit on during bus journeys. You can find it on the Play Store. My career began as a Python Trainee, where I developed a solid foundation in Python programming. I then ventured into Django-based web application development and Open edX platform development. As a core team member of, a cryptocurrency-based reward platform, I contributed significantly. Later, I joined my current company as a Python Developer in February 2019. Within six months, I embraced the challenge of mastering new technology for an upcoming project. This led me to learn Ruby & Ruby on Rails, which I've been proficiently using for a digital marketplace based on Spree Commerce. Additionally, I've contributed to the open-source community by creating an extension for Spree Commerce, simplifying Stripe subscription integration.