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Full-Stack - Ruby On Rails | ReactJS | Hotwire | Turbo | Stimulus | TailwindCSS Engineer

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Experienced Full-Stack Ruby on Rails Developer with ReactJS expertise. Proficient in Hotwire, Turbo, Stimulus, JavaScript, AWS, Github, Heroku, and various other technologies. Skilled in self-management for independent projects and a collaborative team player. I have worked in different domains like healthcare, legal, security, construction, social media and others. I'm passionate about coding, especially in Ruby with the magic of Rails making things smooth sailing. I've built plenty of projects, and now I'm excited about combining Ruby on Rails with AI. I'm skilled with Git, RSpec, and handling databases. I also know my way around frontend tech like ReactJS and AngularJS, as well as integrating APIs. I've led small developer teams back home, using tools like GitHub, GitLab, JIRA, and Linear. I'm fluent in Gujarati, English, and Hindi, making communication a breeze. As a remote developer, I'm here to turn your ideas into reality. Whether it's working solo or coordinating a team, count me in to get the job done. I can provide a wide range of services that are designed to attract attention and cater to the most searched for needs. Here are some examples of the services I offer. -> Web application development -> Font-end UI/UX development -> Back-end REST APIs development -> Application deployments on cloud -> Version upgrades -> Technical lead for teams -> Application maintenance or support -> Technical consultation -> Project management -> Problem solving -> Small project to large (feature, enhancement, bug, issues)

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ROR software developer and penetration Tester

Hello, I am a dedicated and hard working person who believes in honesty and good working relation. I am graduate in Information Technology from well-known university. My education background helps me to perform according to my client’s expectations. I have excellent hands on experience in Ruby on Rails. I build web-applications in Ruby on Rails platform which using various Gems and Configuration like Full-stack web development in Ruby On Rails, Rest-APIs, FASTJSONAPIs. Also i am very good at Ruby Gems and its configuration or customization for any gems like Devise, Cancancan, Rolify, Simplecalendar, Faker, FastJSON-API, Stripe, Pgsearch, wicked, Active Admin, Mini Magic, Carrierwave, Fog and long list for these gems. Apart from this i am Ec-council's certified ethical hacker and penetration tester. I can test security level of any web applications and finding bugs from that and help client's to secure their web application. I have worked with very usefull hacking tools like Burpsuite, Netsparker, Acunetix, Ettercap, Aircrack, Nmap, Wireshark, Metasploit etc.. and also familiar with Kali linux, parrot os for hacking. Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing (VAPT) I will identify security loopholes in web applications that could allow malicious users to access your system and damage your reputation and customer's trust. The VAPT covers all major security standards around the globe including OWASP, SANS, CERT, PCI, ISO27001 etc..

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Senior Ruby on Rails Engineer | Solutions Architect | Tech Enthusiast

As a seasoned Ruby on Rails developer with a career spanning over a decade, my journey in the development world has been nothing short of exciting and rewarding. I embarked on this path driven by a passion for creating impactful software solutions. One recent milestone that stands out is successfully implementing a fully customised order management system within the Spree Commerce platform. This involved not only mastering the intricacies of Spree but also integrating technologies like Wicked PDF, Sidekiq, and Redis to deliver a seamless and tailored experience. Continuous learning is at the core of my professional ethos. In the ever-evolving landscape of technology, I make it a point to stay ahead by acquiring new skills. My expertise extends beyond conventional web development, encompassing DevOps practices, database management (MySQL, PostgreSQL, Redis, Cassandra, MongoDB), and adept use of cloud services like AWS. What sets me apart is not just technical proficiency but a commitment to client and team satisfaction. My ability to contribute to diverse industries, coupled with a knack for problem-solving and efficient project delivery, reflects a unique blend of skills. I find joy in contributing to open-source projects, building Ruby, Rails, and Spree extensions, and always seeking innovative solutions. In essence, I bring a holistic approach to software development. Whether it's crafting clean and efficient code, collaborating seamlessly with cross-functional teams, or navigating complex challenges, my goal is to not just meet expectations but exceed them.

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1.5xp | Ruby enthusiast 🌱 | My heart project: @Youclub | My SaaS : @Musicast

🌱 1.5 years experience as a developer (Permanent, Entrepreneurship, Freelance) Depozen: Permanent contract, I was focused on notifications and API integrations. Youclub (activities/clubs search engine): Initiated by my frustration with inefficient Google searches for local clubs, I envisioned and developed a dedicated app using a Ruby GraphQL API and React Native client, with web views integrated into the Rails codebase. Challenges : finding an API to query for to seed my app. Ensure data integrity between models and graphQL types. Challenges were about improving performance of query . Still improves to make. Despite its potential, it was a commercial failure, leading me to flush the database and remove it from Heroku. I later redeployed it in its MVP state for demonstration purposes. Co-founded Musicast: A platform for music competition organizers. After my co-founder departed due to loss of faith in the project, I continued alone, securing early clients before coding the entire SaaS from scratch. This included features like user roles, workflows, AI capabilities, and a dynamic planning generator which I believe is my most complex work due to its customizable settings. I chose not to commercialize it as handling customer support, marketing, sales, product design, and coding alone was overwhelming, particularly in a niche market. This led me to resume my job search. Recently: Diving deeper into Ruby methods to better understand how it works under the hood. Last very interesting moment was re-coding the belongs_to method in Rails with TDD. Current Learning: Diving into Swift during my free time to expand my mobile development skills. (Stanford course) Interests: I have a thing for projects with a mobile component. I am keen on tackling larger-scale projects and deeper Rails functionalities, areas I haven’t explored in my personal projects. Improving performances is an area that I like too. I attend every Paris.rb and React Native Paris events. Career Aspirations: Looking for a collaborative team with structured processes, code reviews, and a senior mentor to further my growth.

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