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Software engineer trained on Ruby on Rails at 'Turing School of Software and Design'

I currently live in Denver, CO USA 🇺🇸

Currently working full-time as Full Stack Engineer at Product Plan - integrations team since October 2022. At this company I am responsible - along three other engineers - for maintaining and adding new features to ProductPlan integration capabilities. As part of this role I work daily in a Ruby on Rails backend and ReactJS frontend.

Worked at Altvia Solutions - a fintech company - as Full Stack Engineer. There I am responsible for maintaining a RoR code base that includes React and Apex, building new features, and writing documentation. June 2021 - September 2022

I have been an Olympic Weightlifting coach for the past 16 years and currently I am working on a small project to manage my weightlifting students payments and membership using a NodeJS ExpressJS PostgreSQL server and a ReactJS client. I am using Stripe for payments.

Originally from Argentina but a USA citizen since 2007.
I am fluent in Spanish and English and current level B1 - intermediate - in Norsk Bokmål.