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Software engineer trained on Ruby on Rails at 'Turing School of Software and Design'

I currently live in Denver, CO USA 🇺🇸

Currently working full time as backend developer at Booz Allen Hamilton. I'm in the optimization team and we use Ruby on Rails and AWS primarily.

Worked as Full Stack Engineer at SaaS productivity tool remotely - integrations team for 4 months. At this company I was responsible - along three other engineers - for maintaining and adding new features to the app integration capabilities. As part of this role I worked daily in a Ruby on Rails backend and ReactJS frontend.

Worked at Altvia Solutions - a fintech company - as Full Stack Engineer. There I am responsible for maintaining a RoR code base that includes React and Apex, building new features, and writing documentation. June 2021 - September 2022

I have been an Olympic Weightlifting coach for the past 16 years and currently I am working on a small project to manage my weightlifting students payments and membership using a NodeJS ExpressJS PostgreSQL server and a ReactJS client. I am using Stripe for payments.

Originally from Argentina but a USA citizen since 2007.
I am fluent in Spanish and English and current level B1 - intermediate - in Norsk Bokmål.