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Fullstack developer & Cloud infrastructure engineer

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As a seasoned developer with a rich 12-year journey from initial designs to IPO-ready internet applications, I bring a wealth of expertise. Specializing in Ruby, I've honed my skills in building and scaling applications effectively. My experience extends to working with renowned companies like FinalCAD, Lyst, Ilek, Nedap, Pipplet, and Team Satchel, to name a few.

My forte lies in a versatile skill set that covers strategic planning, operational efficiency, and tactical execution. This includes scaling engineering teams, enhancing infrastructures, and mentoring talent to foster growth. I thrive in transforming backends for multi-region hosting and automating systems for efficient deployment.

Embracing remote work since 2018 and having lived across continents, I excel in adapting to diverse environments and delivering flexible, innovative solutions. Partner with me to elevate your company's technological capabilities and chart a path toward unprecedented success.

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