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I design, build, ship, scale, maintain and monitor internet applications of any stage - prototype to IPO-ready.

With 12+ years of work with Ruby and Python applications and their infrastructures. Nowadays, I split my time between writing code, building infrastructure, mentoring, and training teams.

Here is a list of past projects :
- build a prototype of a backend and handle its growth until the company is doing EUR 100k of monthly revenue from it
- scale an engineering team from 2 to 8 (interview, onboarding, leading)
- scale from 2 colocated servers to an autoscaling fleet on AWS
- build automated systems to deploy and recycle review applications on AWS ECS and GCP GKE
- help teams pick Ruby's good practices
- train teams to handle minor and major incidents and how to communicate during and after those
- work with a team to transform their backend to be hosted in several cloud regions
- move from monolith to macro and microservices
- setup and maintain CI/CD pipelines with OpenSource and proprietary solutions

I have worked with companies such as FinalCAD, Lyst, Ilek, Nedap, Team Satchel.
Full-time remote since 2018, lived in three countries on two continents.

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