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Hello! 👋

I'm a driven software engineer from the Pacific Northwest. I've been writing rails apps for 6+ years in a professional capacity in industries including e-commerce, cybersecurity, e-learning, and house project management. I got my start at a local bootcamp called Epicodus where I spent 40-60 hours a week for 9 months studying rails and various javascript frameworks (and bicycle couriering to pay the bills!).

Recently I was working with a company based out of NYC called Rhino that offers a Security Deposit Insurance product making renting more affordable and approachable for many people. Here I have worked on integrating ledger sync with a large 3rd party system called Yardi, updating our payment processing from a bespoke manual solution to a Stripe integration reducing settlement time from over a week to just a few days, and fixed various bugs and introduced features on our ActionCenter which is the core view end users interact with. The ActionCenter is currently written in React, but near the end of my tenure we adopted and built various features using Hotwire.

Previous that, I was working with a local e-commerce startup called Dutchie on their Partner Integrations team. Here I helped design and implement a long-standing initiative to upgrade our Hubspot integration so that customers could leverage our data for targeted promotions. I also helped to design and implement an improved customer matching scheme with an acquired partner POS. This feature will improve the checkout experience for thousands of customers.

I consider myself a great collaborator, a committed mentor and a pragmatic programmer who enjoys writing idiomatic ruby. These skills make me a great addition to any team, and I look forward to speaking with you about your project. 😊