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Pragmatic programmer with 5+ years of rails experience

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Hello! 👋

I'm a driven software engineer from the Pacific Northwest. I've been writing rails apps for 5+ years in a professional capacity in industries including e-commerce, cybersecurity, e-learning, and house project management. I got my start at a local bootcamp called Epicodus where I spent 40-60 hours a week for 9 months studying rails and various javascript frameworks (and bicycle couriering to pay the bills!).

Most recently I was working with a local e-commerce startup called Dutchie on their Partner Integrations team. Here I helped design and implement a long-standing initiative to upgrade our Hubspot integration so that customers could leverage our data for targeted promotions. I also helped to design and implement an improved customer matching scheme with an acquired partner POS. This feature will improve the checkout experience for thousands of customers.

I consider myself a great collaborator, a committed mentor and a pragmatic programmer who enjoys writing idiomatic ruby. These skills make me a great addition to any team, and I look forward to speaking with you about your project. 😊