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  • Worked for a fintech across multiple Rails services
  • Worked at a start-up founded by Obie Fernandez (Author of the Rails Way) - Had the opportunity to work with some amazing peeps form the Rails community
  • Free Online Will generator app with an estate windup costs calculator and an insurance product upsell component (3-month build by 2 devs & 1 PM)
  • Risk assessment application for the mining industry (De Beers, Anglo-American and others)
  • Several Technical Due Diligence reports of Applications, systems and Developer & Operations practices.
  • Upgrades of Ruby on Rails applications.
  • Worked on an EdTech Platform
  • Worked in the DevOps team on a GIS-based asset management app. Learnt a lot about the cost of micro-services back then already. (If it works well for big organisations with large teams it does imply the same for the rest of us.)

Enjoy pairing, mobbing and being the mentor to others I wish I had when I was starting out.
Passionate about working smart and not reinventing the wheel I’d rather stand on the shoulders of the giants who have gone before us.

Ideal next role would include;
- Majestic Rails monolith with the Hotwire stack for the front end.
- Generally promotes good DX (Developer Experience) enabling more productive and timely iterations and releases.
- Fewer meetings and more async comms
- Fully remote